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“Thank you for a fabulous night of cover songs and great dance music at the Underground Halloween Bash in Peace River”
- Lorelee

"Ferny Turnbull is great! These guys are some of the nicest guys I've ever met ! Haven't seen them live but I watched their videos and really enjoyed them ! Hope to see them on the road some day!"
- Amber

“I saw Ferny Turnbull on Valentines day At the Drake ( Canmore AB ) What I liked most about the band was the high energy they showed on stage. They played many different styles and genres of music .I love bands that show diversity in the music they play . Thank You Ferny Turnbull & The Drake Inn ”
- Jen :),
Banff AB

“I saw this amazing band at the club St.B in Winnipeg last year and it was an amazing experience , they were all very energetic on stage but my favorite part about the show was how much energy they gave the crowd and how fast they packed the bar!! I hope that you guys come back this way soon !”
- Justin

“We had our annual Staff Christmas Party at OT'S Lounge In Edson Ferny Turnbull was on stage playing songs that made me want to dance and dance we did .I'm feeling it today lol, Fun guys, great band Thank you for making this years party one to remember :)”
- Barbra W

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